Railcar Storage

Do you need a place to store railcars short term or long term? We have several miles of track available that can provide that service for you. Experience counts - Red River Valley & Western Railroad has been in operation since 1987. Safe, dependable and consistent service is our focus.

You will first need to determine how many rail cars are to be stored, are they empty or loaded, are they hazardous or non-hazardous and how long do you need them stored.

After you have determined these factors you will then need to determine if the cars will come out first in first out or last in first out. Releasing cars by car number rather than last in first out can increase your costs depending on each situation.

In addition, we have a car repair facility in Breckenridge, MN with staff and mobile units that can perform a number of services if needed. Some of the service include but are not limited to the following:

  • Stenciling – remarking of car numbers and AEI tag programming
  • Interior cleaning of cars
  • Inspections by qualified and certified personnel
  • AAR Class F & G tank car repairs
  • On/Off lease repairs per customer requirements

For more information, contact Rich Jaehning at (218) 643-4994 and Dan Zink at (701) 642-8257.

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