RRVW Awards

Safety Awards
The most important thing when it comes to the successful operation of our company is the safety of our employees and communities. We strive to make sure that our day to day operations will keep you safe above all else. We have been recognized for the commitment we have to safety through the receiving of a few celebrated awards.

  • ASLRRA’s Jake Award - 
    • RRVW is the proud recipient of American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association’s "Jake Award" in 2008 and 2009. This coveted award is given to railroads that complete a calendar year with an injury frequency rate less than the industry average.
  • Occupational Safety Merit Award - 
    • This award is provided by the ND Safety Council and recognizes those companies who strive to prevent work related accidents.

Marketing Awards
As a leader in the shortline railroad industry, RRVW has been the recipient of some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

  • Railway Age Regional Railroad of the Year– 1997 & 2005
    • This annual award is given to exemplary North American regional railroads by the railroad industry publication “Railway Age”. The award recognizes the railroads’ commitments to customer service and innovation in the industry.
  • ASLRRA Marketing Award – 2005 
    • This award is to recognize the Class II or III railroads that have designed and enacted the most innovative and successful marketing initiatives in the small railroad industry.
  • BNSF Shortline Achievement Award – 2006 
    • This award is given to three BNSF shortline connection railroads each year to honor shortlines that have exceeded expectations, not only in building new business, but also providing customer focus, resourcefulness, operational flexibilities and a local presence in their communities.



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