About Us

Red River Valley & Western Railroad (RRVW) began operations on July 19th, 1987 over track acquired from the Burlington Northern Railroad. Since then, RRVW has experienced solid growth in terms of freight volume, employment, and physical improvements. We operate over 500 miles of track primarily in the southeast quarter of North Dakota and as far north as Maddock, ND. RRVW’s ongoing effort to expand and find new markets for customers has brought new business to the railroad. RRVW presently serves more than 60 customers, including 9-grain shuttle facilities, 33 grain elevators, and a number of processors.

We are now in our 36th year of service, and we have just recently celebrated the transfer of our millionth carload. We celebrated this achievement not only because it reflects the success of our company, but also the growth of our surrounding communities. We not only provide services to our community members that no other local service does, but we also have doubled our number of employees since our inauguration. RRVW assists in the development of our community on a multitude of different levels, but it is the support of our community that assists in the growth of our business.

We thank our customers, employees, and public officials who have helped make RRVW a remarkable success. The future looks bright. As our communities continues to grow, we will continue to meet the demands while providing dependable and quality service.


  • Victor Meyers


    Wahpeton, ND
    Phone: (701) 642-8257

  • Kelli Dunn

    Vice President of Operations

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: 218-643-4994

  • Kristin Nicholson

    VP of Finance and Administration

    Wahpeton, ND
    Phone: (701) 642-8257

  • Ethan Smith

    Manager of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-4994

  • Amanda Groebner


    Wahpeton, ND
    Phone: 701-642-8257

  • Jessica Williams

    Human Resources Manager

    Wahpeton, ND
    Phone: (701) 642-8257

  • Mike Burlaga

    Operations Manager

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-4994

  • Dustin Helbling

    Manger of Safety and Compliance

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: 218-643-4994

  • Paul Vig

    Carshop Manager

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-8525

  • Jamie Martin

    Track and Structures Manager

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-1532

  • Steve Robb

    Transportation Operations Assistant Manager

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-4994

  • Austin Gruebele

    Assistant Manager Marketing

    Breckenridge, MN
    Phone: (218) 643-4994


Safety Awards

The most important thing when it comes to the successful operation of our company is the safety of our employees and communities. We strive to make sure that our day to day operations will keep you safe above all else. We have been recognized for the commitment we have to safety through the receiving of a few celebrated awards.

ASLRRA’s Jake Award

RRVW has been the proud recipient of American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association’s “Jake Award" in 2009 and 2021. RRVW also received the "Jake Award with Distinction" in 2022. This coveted award is given to railroads that complete a calendar year with an injury frequency rate less than the industry average.

ASLRRA’s President’s Safety Award

RRVW has received the American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association’s "President’s Safety Award" in 2022. The "President’s Safety Award" recognizes the safety records of railroads that have achieved either a 0.0 accident frequency rate, or the best safety rate measured by the lowest accident frequency rate per person-hour of operation below the industry average.  

Occupational Safety Merit Award

This award is provided by the ND Safety Council and recognizes those companies who strive to prevent work related accidents.

Marketing Awards

As a leader in the shortline railroad industry, RRVW has been the recipient of some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Railway Age Regional Railroad of the Year

This annual award is given to exemplary North American regional railroads by the railroad industry publication “Railway Age”. The award recognizes the railroads’ commitments to customer service and innovation in the industry.

ASLRRA Marketing Award

This award is to recognize the Class II or III railroads that have designed and enacted the most innovative and successful marketing initiatives in the small railroad industry.

BNSF Shortline Achievement Award

This award is given to three BNSF shortline connection railroads each year to honor shortlines that have exceeded expectations; not only in building new business, but also providing customer focus, resourcefulness, operational flexibilities, and a local presence in their communities.


Customer Safety Resources

RRVW provides basic rail yard safety resources for our customers. Please contact Dustin Helbling, Manager Safety and Compliance, or Mike Burlaga, Transportation Rail Operations Manager at (218) 643-4994.

Safety Resources


The freight railroad network is a vital part of the national economy, playing a key role in the global supply chain for both raw and finished goods. There are approximately 140,000 miles of active railroad track in the United States, upon which 565 common carrier freight railroads operate.

Freight railroads serve nearly every industrial, wholesale, retail, and resource-based sector of the U.S. economy, and they are responsible for transporting a majority of goods and commodities that Americans depend on daily. Disruptions to the national rail network could have an adverse impact on the national economy as a whole.

RRVW conducts mandatory security awareness training on a regular basis to keep employees informed and up-to-date on federal regulations. The Department of Homeland Security/TSA also performs unannounced inspections on a minimum quarterly basis. Every railroad is required to have their emergency action plans in place and updated on an annual basis.