Red River Valley & Western Railroad Company (RRVW) ships grain, sugar, corn syrup, fertilizer, coal, gravel, feed products, lumber, steel, and various other products for more than 60 customers. We serve customers, processors, and manufacturers in southeast and central North Dakota, and Breckenridge, Minnesota, and we provide safe, reliable, cost-effective shipping options which has been the foundation of our company since 1987.

Shipping Rates

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Tariff & Fuel Surcharge Information

Interchange Locations


  • Breckenridge, MN
  • Casselton, ND
  • Jamestown, ND
  • New Rockford, ND


  • Enderlin, ND
  • Oakes, ND
  • Hankinson, ND
  • Carrington, ND

Hazardous Materials

Rail transportation is by far the safest way to ship hazardous materials. Railroads are required by federal law to move hazardous materials. Most of these shipments include products used by consumers every day such as paints, batteries, alcohol-containing products such as hand sanitizer or insect repellent, and household cleaning products. The hazardous materials of greatest concern to emergency officials are a tiny portion of all rail shipments, amounting to only about 8 percent of all rail shipments. RRVW helps train emergency responders across our system to ensure they are prepared to protect the public in the event of any emergency situation involving hazardous materials. Every year RRVW informs all first responders along their rail lines of the number and type of any hazardous materials that travel through their communities by rail. By sharing this information, it enables the responders to train their volunteers more effectively.