wind tower transload

RRVW is eager to help existing and new customers grow their business operations. We can provide suggestions for site locations which connect you with area utility companies who provide the services you need. We can also offer expertise on track construction and other services to help your business grow.

Business Opportunities

Wahpeton, ND

RRVW operates a 16,000 sq ft transload warehouse in Wahpeton, ND near the Highway 210 bypass road. The facility is capable of transloading to and from center-beam flatcars, boxcars, flatcars, covered hoppers, and tank cars. Our indoor storage allows for short-term and long-term storage of commodities until your customer is ready for delivery. RRVW has partnered with local trucking firms who can offer tank, pneumatic, dry-van, and flatbed shipping services.

Pingree, ND

In partnership with BNSF Logistics, RRVW developed 12 acres of land to create the Pingree Logistics Park (PLP). PLP has developed land adjacent to the RRVW track covering 1,400 linear feet. With easy access to Highway 281 and the BNSF yard in Jamestown, ND, PLP is the perfect location for any temporary or long-term transload opportunity.

Breckenridge, MN

The RRVW yard is located in Breckenridge, MN. Here you will find a number of “shovel-ready” sites along our mainline and siding tracks where your new business could prosper. We also have several 10+ car self-serve transload tracks and a cross dock ready for your boxcar or flat car transloading.

Davenport, ND

Davenport is located 20 miles from the heart of Fargo, ND. With paved highway and interstate systems connecting the two cities, Davenport is a great location to accommodate your transload needs or develop new business.

Casselton, ND

Casselton is located 21 miles west of the Interstate 29 and Interstate 94 intersection. This makes Casselton an ideal location to place any new business or transload goods for shipment. There are several yard tracks here that can accommodate single cars and unit train shipments. The City of Casselton also has an 80-acre industrial park with all the necessary public utilities for new businesses.